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I Don't Need Help


If you do not need help with your best man speech then that's great! But for the other 99 percent of best men that do need help to write your best man speach, we are here to help. 

"I've never been a best man before - help!"

"I want to make a bestman speeh that is witty, entertaining and has real impact"

"I know I'm supposed to be amusing but I'm not sure what message, if any, I'm supposed to convey"

"What I need is a simple checklist of do's and dont's for a best man's speach"

"I just want to make sure I cover all the important things and keep my reputation and pride intact"
    Best man worried about his speech

Does this feel like you? If so, read on ...

Best man speech - successful recipe:

No waffle and plenty of shortening!

The key ingredients required are humour and optimism, all applied with liberal helpings of praise.

Think of your speech as a gourmet meal. 

Your opening lines should serve up a tasty little starter that really wets the audience's appetite for a memorable main course. 

Your closing words should provide a delectable dessert with a delicious aftertaste. 
  How to write a best man speech 

What you must do is prepare and deliver a relevant, upbeat, jokey little speech which includes plenty of compliments and tributes to the happy couple, while keeping everyone entertained and amused. 

Don't worry - it's actually a lot easier than you may think.


The Audience is on YOUR side!

It's true - and they are willing you to do well, and, quite frankly, they don't care if you screw up a few lines. What they WILL mind though, is if it becomes embarassingly obvious that you have not even bothered to take the time or effort to find out what is expected of you. 

And lucky  for you ... we will make it really, REALLY, really easy.



The Golden Best Man Speech Rules

NZStag don't over complicate things. We follow the KISS principle i.e. Keep It Short and Simple

That's why we have put together the following a simple point plan of the bestman speech golden rules.

Want to download the Golden Best Man Speech Rules that are listed below?

Just fill in the form below and you will be re-directed to a page where you can download it as a pdf file. 


The Golden Rules:


    Golden Rule #1 

It's a huge honour being asked to be the Best Man. He could have chosen one of your other mates but he didn't - he chose YOU!

So be humble, and don't hesitate too long before you accept the job. If you take too long the groom will wonder why and he'll never be sure if you are fully committed to the job.

Take longer than a week and you'll never quite be the same close friends again.

Once you have accepted the role be sure to go out and get on the lash to celebrate! Let him know he's made the right decision, and that you're right behind both of them with the wedding preparations in any way you can.

2. The Engagement Party

Not every couple will have an engagement party. If they don't then as the Best Man this is good as it's one less thing to help with. But if they do then it's important you attend. After the immediate family members, you and the maid of honour are the most important guests. Turn up, look sharp and be on time.

You should view the engagment party as a chance to gauge how things could pan out on the wedding day. Use it as a chance to break the ice with family members and friends you have not met who'll be at the wedding. It's also a chance to shine and reassure the bride and groom you are no doubt the best man for the job.

3. The Stag Party 

The stag party is a major social event and is a critical element to a successful wedding. DO NOT underestimate it! It brings together different male friends and family members prior to the wedding, enabling important male bonding to take place. This makes the wedding day run so much smoother, and always provides the fellas something to talk about.

Stag parties often run over a long weekend, may include sporting activities, pub crawls, trips overseas or a classic road trip. Some people have a small evening party for work colleagues and then a weekend or night for close friends and relatives. 

Whatever your plans are, the whole event needs to be organised with military precision, otherwise it could end in disaster!

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4. The Wedding Day

This is the day you cannot afford to screw up. It's been a long time coming, there's lots of emotion and expecation, so pay attention. Weddings attract the unexpected - which is why they are often so memorable! Be prepared to think on your feet, you'll need to have your wits about you.

A fully charge mobile phone and plenty of cash in the wallet are critical weapons to help fend off potential wedding day disasters. So make sure you are prepared.

Get to bed early the night before and get a good night's sleep. Rise early on the morning of the big day and have a hearty breakfast. Weetbix is best, especially if you're a kiwi kid. 

Important wedding day tips and advice >

5. The Best Man Speech

This is the moment you've really been waiting for. It's the one best man's duty that you will be most remembered for - and judged on. And this is probably the part of the day you've been dreading the most. But fear not my friend, for NZStag is here to help. We are best man speech experts. We've been there, done that so many times we can deliver the thing in our sleep.

The key is to start composing your best man speach months, not days before the wedding. It shouldn't take months to write, maybe 2 or 3 evenings. But if you do it early enough you'll have lots of time to find the material you need, fine tune it and practise your delivery.

We're going to help you with bestman speech structure, opening and closing lines, jokes, quotes, poems, toasts and more. You'll have your best man speech written up in no time!

More best man speech writing help >
(coming soon, sorry, we had a technical glitch)

Proven best man speeches available >

6. Final BestMan Duties

99% of all Best Men think that as soon as their speech is over and they have made their final toast that their duties are complete. WRONG!

You are still expected to remain a party host and ensure everyone enjoys the reception. You'll be expected to dance with the chief bridesmaid, to get up on the dancefloor early and encourage everyone else to dance and get their groove on. You have responsibility for ensuring everyone has a good time.

Having said that, don't deny yourself a few drinks. If you've done a good job up to this point then you deserve it!

Towards the end of the reception you need to take charge of ensuring that everyone gets home safely with transport, whether buses or taxis or whatever.

And don't miss the chance to indulge in a bit of classic wedding tradition - decorating the honeymooners car! Even if they are not actually heading off to their honeymoon the next day, the bride and groom will still love driving off with shaving cream all over the  windscreen and cans rattling from behind as they drive off. Priceless.




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