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I think rodge should streak up ponsonby rd with a ball and chain.

roga should drive a hot lap at pukekohe and see if he can get the lap record.

Rog should remember his uni day if he went to uni at all. . . And take on a uni student at sculling jugs of tui at shadows.

I think rodge should have to run up the sky tower and skull a box at the top!

cover roger in half honey and half marmite walkin down ponsenby rd im a g string

put rodge in a wee lycra suit and slip a viagra in his beer.after waiwera for the kids sake...

how bout takn a hit up with the football unda his wing in2 the warriors forward pack.that wood make hm feel alive.

baton twirling with clint rickards

i hear your not a man til you've had a man, give that a crack

get rog to sky dive naked and land at wiakato stadium with a cow bell tied to his bell jamie

Roger should wear a bikini during is stag day i did 4 relay 4 life in palmy north

Tie him 2 a lamp post in queen street wax his legs and wrap him in glad wrap in the nude

Stag Do Things to do. . .Like any marrige related things. . DONT DO IT! I thought you had more brains than that.Once married,always screwed.Craig.

Make roger walk through hamilton wearing a red n black jersey and a cut out shield telling ever one hes taking the shield home with him try and stop me

Pamela anderson at mermaids on stage go rog

Take a punch from chris newlands!

Break in a wild horse!

Walk the hot coals!

Get circumsized!

Get shot from a circus cannon!

stag night some say its ok to have sex with other people since this is your last night free cheers nev

Rodge shud give a lucky lady a lap dance 4 his stag do! Cheers frm doug

id like roger 2 kiss sue bradford b4 he gets married. Tim

Make him piss on a electric fence gota do that b4 u get married

Blow something up like 10000 starlings because if you were married you wouldn't have been allowed

bt if u get him 2 sheer a sheep u gota play the country calender music in the bck ground lol hav a gud day

b4 he gets married gt him 2 wear a snglet short shorts gumboots and sheer a sheep

Thngs 2do b4 uget maryd?!? Woch a birthing video wth yr partner ona 42" tv at full sound THEN dcide ifu wana get maryd Roj.

Make roger do a hard work out in the gym

Rick here, Rodger should shear a big ram, as it would have been a while.

Rog should pop 3 girls bra straps with one hand.

rog should get a butt crack and sack wax before he gets married.

Roger coverd in honey n throwin 2 the lesbians

Rog should do claybird shooting 4 stag

Haha hay u should put roge in the back of a ute and take hem to a car wash. God fun happen to me wen i left my old job. Ben

1. Guess 10 bra sizes correctly you'll be suprised how many women show you them or let you feel them to help you. 2. Go clubbing dressed in a nappy

he should hafta full on hook up with a ginger chick i reckon

Things for rog to do b4 taking the plunge? Swim with sharks @ kelly tarltons just b4 feeding time

roger should b dressed up as a women and left up on k'rd 2 c if he can pick a date up.

wear a 6 mths + pregnancy sympathy pouch - from karen m xx

Buy a gay porn with it in ur hand walk in2 a supermarket purchase lube.costume pink g.string and ugboots

Anythng public n a g string




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