Stag Night Drinking Games

  Drinking Games for Your Stag Night 

No stag party would be complete without the obligatory pub drinking game. Some are silly, some are complicated, all will get you very drunk, VERY quickly, but that's the whole point really ...

Just be careful to not get the stag too drunk to quickly. You want him to enjoy (and remember) the majority of his stag do. It's not cool to have to send your stag home early while the rest of you stay out and party into the early hours without him. He's your mate - it's the duty of the best man to look after him!

Stag Do Drinking Games

There are literally hundreds of drinking games to play on your stag night. We've listed a few below to help you out and get the ball rolling while you are out on your stag do.



Played with 2 teams, you need a few pints of beer and a ping pong ball. Arrange the pints at either end of the table like bowling pins (best to have 6 pints at each end). Each team takes turns at trying to get the ping pong ball into the other's pint of beer. If they succeed, the other team must drink that pint. Each team alternates. The first team to clear all the beers from the opposing team wins, and the losing team must finish the remaining beers on the winning team's side.



You need a pack of cards, preferably with naked women on them. Arrange them face down (as you will be taking them from behind).
The object is to guess the colour of the card that will be turned over. The first player calls "red" or "black", and if he is correct, the next player must drink for as many seconds as the number on that card. Continue until all beer is finished and then purchase more. 


Take a plastic clothes peg and give it to the first "pegger". They have the job of secretly attaching the peg to an unsuspecting stag party victim. The pegger must attach the peg to his victim and slip away quietly without being caught. He must then notify the other staggers he has successfully “pegged” his victim. If the peg is found before all staggers have been notified then the pegger must drink. If all staggers are notified before the victim becomes aware, then the victim must down the rest of their drink immediately! They then become the next pegger.


Begin the game with all the staggers at a distance of 20 metres from the stag. The stag is left to stand in his ‘stag suit’ in a grassy area with a pint of beer.  The challenge is for the staggers to get to the stag and tackle him before he can finish skulling the beer.  Repeat the process while reducing the distance by 5 metres every time until he can no longer stand long enough to skull the pint of beer. 

Note: should the stag spew during stag rugby he must be made to drink the spew on the next run.


Find a 400m running track, bring beer and pies. At every quarter of your running track, place beer and pies. Staggers start and run to the first quarter, skull a pint of beer and eat a pie. When finished, they run to the next quarter and eat a pie, and so on. Staggers are knocked out by spewing. The winner is the contestant left running when all others have been knocked out. Prize is more beer and more pies.


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